Everybody is going today to horserace held in countryside. Mongols are clearly mad of their semi-wild horses.
Jokey-boy, a participant of the races and his father are heading for horserace of Naadam festival. Although, by law, a joker has to be not younger 7, some very young children of ages 5 or 6, unfortunately manage go through paper restrictions. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


Neighboors just for a night. Photo taken by me, Bolod.

two friends

Instead of playing with modern toys, the child is playing with what's availably around- baby animals. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


Making buz or dumplings. I'm good in flattening. So I'm helping this nomad woman to cook some delicious dumplings for foreign guests. Photo by me, Bolod

winter camp

Grasses just start growing as well as nomads start a bit relaxing.  Most baby animals have been already born. Every year, herders are the most busy at end of May and in April because animals are being born day and night. Photo by me, Bolod.


Young Americans visiting a spring camp of herder family where baby animals being born day and night. Photo taken by me, Bolod.


Im back

We are back!!!!