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18.01.2009. Mongolia's Boxing champions:

Enkhbat Nerguin after winning the lightweight section of the XII Chemistry cup boxing tournament in Halle (GDR) in 1983. In 1988, in Seoul, he won the bronze in 60kg.

Athletics:The Race The race began on time at 6:00PM - with 101 men taking the starting line (only one DNS, Luc Krotwaar). The men have fared a bit better than the women a week earlier, as temperatures at the start were 80 degrees fahrenheit (26 celsius), and 40% humidity - better than the 86 degrees and 50% humidity of a week earlier, but still hot! The race opens and Khalid El Boumlili of Morrocco runs away from the pack from the beginning. His lead builds to nearly 10 seconds through the first mile in 5:04. The rest of the pack is ignoring El Boumlili. With a personal best of 2:10:49, El Boumlili will not be a factor and no one worries about his building a big lead. The rest of the pack contains everyone! - a large pack and not fast yet - they respect this course.

Through two miles in 10:18. El Boumlili is in the front but he has moved back to the pack.

Mile 3 - 15:24 (5K in 15:57). The pack still contains all of the runners (actually, just 84 runners, but that's pretty much everyone!) as they enjoy the easy pace.Ser-Od Ba-Ochir (PB 2:26:39) of Mongolia leads the pack through the 5K mark - clearly this is not a pace to worry anyone..

BBC SPORT/ATHENS 2004 OLIMPIC GAMES: Mile seven-After the feeding station, Brazil's Vanderlei Lima and Han Gang, of China, pull just ahead. Their lead's barely worth talking about as the rest of the field are within a matter of metres.

Mile six-At this stage it is almost impossible to ponder where the first attacks will come from. One thing's for sure - it won't be from Mexico's Jose Ernani Palalia. The pace is proving too much and already he's dropping well back.

Mile five-An unfamiliar face in Mongolia's Ser-Od Bat-Ochir is mixing it with the best at the moment. With a best time of 2:26.39, he is unlikely to pose a massive threat as the race moves on.

Mile four-All three of Britian's competitors are happily nestled in contention, as is world record holder Paul Tergat.

Hendrick Ramaala, of South Africa, is looking sprightly at the moment at the front. He is among a number of athletes to sponge himself down in the heat while still on the move.

Mile three-The 102 challengers for gold all run through the feed station for the first time. There seems to be no problems as they grab their sustenance. The pace of the race so far is fairly slowly.

Mile two-Already the sweat is dripping off the faces of the athletes, such is the heat on the course. El Boumlili has been swallowed back into the main group but still looks comfortable enough.

Mile one-El Boumlili leads the marathon but it's of no concern to the leading protagonists. He's not considered a major threat and he's only marginally clear. Already, though, the field is splitting in the hot temperatures. The sole Greek contender Nikolaos Palios is among the early stragglers.

1600 BST: The marathon gets going in high temperatures - about 33 degrees at the moment. There are 102 of competitors in the field in total. Khalid El Boumlili of Morocco goes solo off the front of the main group straight away

Mongol Runner Wins the Beijing  Marathon!!!

Serod Batochir of Mongolia sprints to win the Good Luck Beijing 2008 marathon men's race that finished at the National Stadium, known as Bird's Nest, in Beijing, April 20, 2008. Chinese Li Zhuhong won the second, followed by Han Gang. [Xinhua]

Batochir clocked a personal best time of two hours, 14 minutes and 15 seconds in a rainy condition with Li Zhuhong crossing the line after two hours 15 minutes and 32 seconds of a run.

Han Gang of China finished the third in the men's race in a time of two hours, 21 minutes and 15 seconds.

The marathon race, shooting off at 7:30am, is one of the Good Luck series test events of the Beijing Olympics, to check the overall planning and various functional operations for the Games in the coming summer.

Participants of the Good Luck Beijing 2008 international marathon race tried the newly announced course for the Beijing Olympic Games marathon race.

The 42.195 km course started at the Tiananmen Square in downtown Beijing and finished at the "Bird's Nest", in the Olympic Green in the northern part of the city.


Mongols from Mongolia have won 2 gold/+1 gold in parylimpics/, 5 silver and 10 bronze medals since the country's participation in the Summer Olympics XVIII in 1964 in Tokyo.
Free-style wrestlers included the following winners: J. Mokhbat - a silver medal, D. Sereeter, B. Artag and Ch. Damdinsharav - bronze medals and became the first Mongolian Olympic medalists in Mongolian sporting history. A further list of free-style wrestler winners includes: Kh. Bayanmonkh - a silver medal at the Munich Olympics, Z. Oidov - a silver medal at the Montreal Olympics, J. Davaajav - a silver medal and D. Oyunbold - a bronze medal.
                Judo wrestler medalists are: Ts. Damdin - a silver medal and Davaadalai - a bronze medal, respectively, at the Moscow Olympics in 1980. In addition, judo wrestler D. Narmandakh won a bronze medal at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, and judo wrestler Kh. Tsagaanbaatar won a bronze medal at the Athens Olympics in 2004 
                Boxer N. Enkhbat won a bronze medal at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and boxer N. Bayarsaikhan won a bronze metal at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.
                Shooter D. Monkhbayar won a bronze medal, also at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. 

February. 2009. Chemistry Cup, Halle, Germany:

Finale Ansetzungen / Ergebnisse
Viertelfinale Halbfinale Finale
Finale, Sa. 7.2.09 18 h bis 51 kg   Brahimi, Samir (ALG) - Beblik, Ronny(GER) Pts 9:5
Finale, Sa. 7.2.09 18 h bis 54 kg   Bouji, Hafid (GER) - Enkhjargal, Ideerkhuu (MGL) Pts 8:7
Finale, Sa. 7.2.09 18 h bis 57 kg   Dorjnyambu, Otgondalai (MGL) - Bariaddii, Javkhlan(MGL) Pts 6:0
Finale, Sa. 7.2.09 18 h bis 60 kg   Gribatshov, Semjon(RUS) - Herfurth, Marcel (GER) Pts 5+:5
Finale, Sa. 7.2.09 18 h bis 64 kg   Ignatiev, Maksim(RUS) - Kavaliauskas, Egidius (LTU) RET R2
Finale, Sa. 7.2.09 18 h bis 69 kg   Chao, Gedeligen (CHN) - Culcay-Keth, Jack(GER) Pts 13:3
Finale, Sa. 7.2.09 18 h bis 75 kg   Rahou, Abdelmalek (ALG) - Buga, Konstantin(GER) Pts 15:0
Finale, Sa. 7.2.09 18 h bis 81 kg   Moskovskij, Alexander (RUS) - Rasulov, Elshod(UZB) Pts 3:2
Finale, Sa. 7.2.09 18 h bis 91 kg   Köber, Stefan (GER) - Subacius, Vitalijus (LTU) Pts 9:5
Finale, Sa. 7.2.09 18 h über 91 kg   Abdullaev, Sardor(UZB) - Sergeev, Denis (RUS) Pts 9:6
Finale, Sa. 7.2.09 18 h bis 81 kg   Benchebla, Abdelhafid (ALG) - Woge, Robert(GER) Pts 11:3

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In far-right standing, in blue, Javkhlan Baryadiin/57kg/ has won the gold  medal in the Chemistry Cup Boxing Tournament held on February 5-7, Halle, Germany.

Tuvshinbayar Naidanii, the 2009 Olympic Judo Champion in weight -100kg.

Badar-Uugan Enkhbatiin, the 2009 Olympic Boxing Champion in weight 54kg.


Debrecen,Hungary. Elite Boxing Tournament. 2nd day: 51kg: Norbert Kalucza (HUN)-Batsuren Battulga (MGL) 23:19

54kg: Luke Campbell (ENG)-Enkhjargal Iderkhuu (MGL) 14:6

57kg: Sergey Vodopyanov (RUS)-Dorjnyambuu Otgondalai (MGL) 15:3 Bariadi Javhklan (MGL)- Hicham Ziouti (FRA) 1:5

60kg: Aurimas Naudzius (LTU)-Zorigtbaatar Enkhzorig (MGL) 6:11

75kg: Vitali Bandarenka (BLR)-Narmandakh Shinebayar (MGL) 8:2

2009 Stranja Boxing Tournament: Semi-finals:

2009-02-27 48kg Ferhat Pehlivan TUR Haider Warda SYR 3:0
2009-02-27 48kg David Ayrapetyan RUS Rasul Djurayev UZB 4:1
2009-02-27 51kg Salim Salimov BUL Viktor Gogolev UKR 6:3
2009-02-27 51kg Alexander Alexandrov BUL Artem Dalakyan UKR 2:1
2009-02-27 54kg Rafael Pujol ESP Chawazi Chatsygov BLR 1:0
2009-02-27 54kg Tulashboy Doniyorov UZB Iderkhuu Enkhjargal MGL 7:3
2009-02-27 57kg Luben Todorov BUL Simeon Bunardziev BUL 9:4
2009-02-27 57kg Yasnier Toledo Lopez CUB Hurshid Tajibayev UZB 2:0
2009-02-27 60kg Idel Torriente CUB Valentin Stoychev BUL RSC 3
2009-02-27 60kg Dorjnyambuu Otgondalai MGL Eldos Sarkulov KZK 4:1
2009-02-27 64kg Simeon Chamov BUL Nikola Nikolov BUL 4:3
2009-02-27 64kg Rosniel Iglesias CUB Alexey Zubok RUS 7:1
2009-02-27 69kg Arman Hakobyan BUL Evgeni Borisov BUL 7:6
2009-02-27 69kg Abdulkadir Kuroglu TUR Carlos Banteur CUB 3:0
2009-02-27 75kg Mladen Manev BUL Ilce Jonoski MCD AB 1
2009-02-27 75kg Sergey Derevyanchenko UKR Rey Eduardo Recio CUB 7:4
2009-02-27 81kg Eduard Yakushev RUS Erik Skoglund SWE 6:0
2009-02-27 81kg Artur Buts UKR Emil Krastev BUL 4:1
2009-02-27 91kg Bahram Muzaffer TUR Asen Asenov BUL RSCI 2
2009-02-27 91kg Egor Mekhontsev RUS Osmay Acosta CUB 6:2
2009-02-27 +91kg Remzi Ozbek TUR Zheko Zhekov BUL 1:0
2009-02-27 +91kg Niyaz Fayzulin RUS Pavel Kiriyenko BLR 6:0


2009-02-28 48kg David Ayrapetyan RUS Ferhat Pehlivan TUR 4:2
2009-02-28 51kg Alexander Alexandrov BUL Salim Salimov BUL 7:1
2009-02-28 54kg Tulashboy Doniyorov UZB Rafael Pujol ESP 5:1
2009-02-28 57kg Luben Todorov BUL Yasnier Toledo Lopez CUB 3:2
2009-02-28 60kg Idel Torriente CUB Dorjnyambuu Otgondalai MGL 5:0
2009-02-28 64kg Rosniel Iglesias CUB Simeon Chamov BUL 4:0
2009-02-28 69kg Arman Hakobyan BUL Abdulkadir Kuroglu TUR 7:3
2009-02-28 75kg Mladen Manev BUL Sergey Derevyanchenko UKR 2:0
2009-02-28 81kg Eduard Yakushev RUS Artur Buts UKR 4:0
2009-02-28 91kg Egor Mekhontsev RUS Bahram Muzaffer TUR 7:0
2009-02-28 +91kg Niyaz Fayzulin RUS Remzi Ozbek TUR 7:0