/зохиогчийн эрхээр хамгаалагдана/

Proto-Mongols and the Mongols

Archeological findings beginning 1920s proved that almost entireland  of Mongolia was inhabited by prehistoric humans 600.000 years ago. The most famous ancient graves contained buried human bodies and different items such as bone knives and pearl beads. Traces of man’s blacksmith enterprise pertaining to the Middle and later Palaeolithic periods have also been found for example in theMoiltyn Am Valley near Orkhon River in Ovorhangai province. Human  campsites, paleolithic stone inscriptions and paintings, different kinds of utensil made of clay and other original things have been found Bayanhongor Aimag and other aimags. This is evidence that this part of Central Asia was the heart of a civilization in the Paleolithic Era ('stone age') and there are widespread archeological discoveries belonging to Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Ages.The first mention of a group that is usually interpretted as being the Mongols occurs during the latter of part of the T'ang dynasty in (618-907 AD). Sources from the time speak of the Menggu (or Mengwu), a nomadic group living on the eastern Mongolian steppe.One source notes of them: "they have no agriculture, hunting is their primary occupation; they have no fixed abode but migrate, following the seasonal supplies of water and pasture; their food consists of meat and mares' milk...". At this time, however, they were apparently not a major political power, nor were they  under single ruler.

How many Mongols live today worldwide?

There are up to 13 mln. Mongols live in 8 countries.Mongolia/2.7mln/, China/5.5-6.0mln/, Afghanistan/3.5-4.5mln/, Russia/0.7mln/, Iran, Burma, Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan / no accurate numbers available on these peoples/.

Who are Mongols now physically and spiritually?

The Mongols today, as whole, spiritually are very weak. This weakness started long time ago when the Mongols began praying to foreign Tibetan Dalai Lamas instead of prayng to their great Grand-father, Chinggis Khaan.  They were brainwashed by so-called “yellow buddhism”, a kind of foreign religion that was specially designated by the Manchu in order to pacify  the Mongols and to occupy their lands. Personal comfort and tribal interest, material possessions increasingly became the aims of life of Mongol dignities, replacing national interests and spiritual foundation of their ancestors. This way how the Mongols came to  their own downfall. The most Mongol men at present time are abducted to alcohols. Behavour of a dangerously big portion of the today's Mongol women are the biggest threat to nation's existance.

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